August 3, 2020

Water damage is probably one of the worst things that could happen to your home.

Some homeowners might not be too worried about, say, an inch of water on the living room floor. That inch of water, however, can eventually cause them thousands of dollars if it isn’t addressed immediately.

That much extra moisture inside the home can also lead to mold growth. If that happens to you, you need to get mold remediation and removal done immediately because exposure to mold can cause throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, skin irritation, eye irritation, cough and wheezing, and other health issues.

Severe weather is a primary cause of water damage, especially if you live in a flood-prone area. However, the most common causes of water damage are preventable. Here are some of them.

Blocked Gutter System 

Your gutters are designed to lead rainwater away from your house, but if it’s blocked by leaves, tree branches, and all sorts of debris, it will overflow into your home and cause water damage. You can prevent this from happening by checking the gutters regularly and making sure they’re clear.

You can also install gutter guards designed to keep debris away. There are mesh gutter guards, which are made of metal sheets and feature tiny holes. You can also go for screen gutter guards, which can be made from plastic or metal. Other options include bottle brush gutter guards and foam gutter guards.

Then again, having gutter guards doesn’t mean you won’t have to check your gutter periodically for debris. If anything, gutter guards only reduce the frequency of gutter cleanings you have to do, not eliminate them.

Backed-Up Toilets and Drains

With all the foreign objects that make it into our drains and toilets, it would only be a matter of time before they become blocked, which leads to filthy water that could make you and your loved ones sick backing up and spilling over into places where water shouldn’t be.

Drain screens can stop hair from blocking the shower drain. As for kitchen drains, don’t dispose of grease down it. You should also avoid flushing cigarette butts, sanitary wipes, and other foreign objects down the toilet.

Broken Water Pipes

Water pipes can break or burst for a variety of reasons. It could be too much water pressure, or the pipes in your home are just too old. Whatever the reason, a broken water pipe is going to cause a lot of water damage, especially if it’s inside a wall. Have your plumbing checked from time to time for signs of any problems with the pipes.

AC Unit Condensation

AC units that don’t undergo regular maintenance often end up with a dirty condensate line, which will interfere with the appliance’s moisture removal process. Instead of flowing properly into a drain pan, water will build up inside the unit and eventually leak into the floor or wall of your home. Have regular AC maintenance done regularly to avoid this.

Leaking Washing Machines

If your washing machine has a rubber or PVC supply line, you might want to replace it with a braided stainless steel one, which is sturdier and doesn’t wear out and cause leaks easily.

As you can see, the causes of water damage above are things that happen around the house, and that means you can do something about them to keep any water-related disaster from taking place. Follow the tips mentioned above, and water damage doesn’t have to bother you and your family for the foreseeable future.

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