What is Home Performance?


You deserve a comfortable home free of drafts, difficult temperatures and moisture issues. Home performance upgrades are the answer.


The health of you and your family should never be compromised. Home performance contractors help improve the health and safety of today's homes.


An energy-efficient home helps you stop wasting energy and money each month. Home performance contractors make it possible.

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What canHome Performance do for you?

Find out what a home energy audit is all about.

  • BPI GoldStar Contractors conduct a whole-home energy audit to find problems, then prescribe solutions to improve the comfort, health and energy-efficiency of your home.
  • They prioritize repairs in order--from must-do to nice-to-do--that fit your budget.
  • When working on your home, BPI GoldStar Contractors follow BPI Standards established by today's leading building science experts.

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It’s about knowing who to trust — BPI has got you covered. False advertising can make finding a legitimate home performance contractor more difficult than it should be. Search by zipcode for a BPI GoldStar Contractor near you, and rest easy knowing that these contractors are committed to work according to BPI Standards, and have BPI certified pros on staff. You accept no imitations in life, so why take a risk when it comes to your home?

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  • “I had no idea how comfortable my home could actually be until I worked with a BPI GoldStar Contractor. The difference is just astounding!”

  • “Every room in my home used to be a different temperature, and drafts were sometimes unbearable. Since my home energy retrofit, all these problems have disappeared.”

  • “Knowing that BPI sets high standards for their BPI GoldStar Contractors, I can’t see myself working with any other type of building professional ever again.”

  • “Our energy bills used to be through the roof. We hired a BPI GoldStar Contractor, and everything changed.”

  • "I have a personal distaste for overpaying for energy consumption, and my home energy upgrade solved everything."

  • "I trust my BPI GoldStar Contractor with my family's health and safety, and that's saying a lot."