Setting the Standard for Home Performance

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is the nation's premier credentialing, quality assurance, and standards setting organization for home performance professionals.

Since 1993, BPI has been setting technical standards for home energy auditing and energy efficiency upgrades. We develop BPI Standards using an open, consensus-based process built on sound building science. From these standards, we develop rigorous written and field exams leading to professional certifications for individuals, companywide credentials for BPI GoldStar Contractors, and quality assurance services that help raise the bar in home performance contracting.

BPI certified professionals hold over 16,000 active certifications across the nation and in three foreign countries. Many state, local, and utility energy efficiency programs specify BPI credentials for participating contractors, to ensure quality.

How BPI Helps Homeowners

For many homeowners and tenants, energy bills account for far too much of the monthly budget. These homes suffer from performance problems ranging from inflated energy consumption to poor thermal comfort to indoor air quality problems. These are problems that regular contractors, or even the best DIY homeowner, cannot solve.

BPI  GoldStar Contractors conduct comprehensive energy audits to find problems, then prescribe and prioritize improvements that make your home’s system function at its best. BPI GoldStar Contractors help improve the comfort, health, safety, durability and energy efficiency of America’s existing homes.

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ConsumerReports says:

"Watch out for: Fly-by-night companies — 'blow and go' is the industry term — who charge a hefty fee for an audit, promise major upgrades, then disappear.

Choose a contractor certified by the Building Performance Institute. 

They’re required to do an audit before and after any work to guarantee results."

 ConsumerReports - October 2013