Why BPI GoldStar Contractors?

BPI GoldStar Contractor

We are in the business of building trust. In the world of home improvement contracting, you hear a lot of misleading or downright false claims.  You can rest easy when you hire a contractor that has earned the BPI GoldStar credential, the highest standard of quality and customer service in the industry. They’re not out to sell you a product. Instead they diagnose your home’s issues using sound building science, and prescribe solutions tailored to the unique needs of your home and your budget.

All BPI GoldStar Contractors commit to employing BPI certified professionals and doing work according to BPI Standards. BPI certified professionals have passed BPI’s rigorous written and in-field practical exams that verify their knowledge and skills in building science solutions. They know how to improve energy efficiency while providing important safety functions such as mold prevention, carbon monoxide testing, and combustion appliance safety checks. They also have the know-how to help prepare your home for solar, geothermal, or other types of energy upgrades.

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What can Home Performance do for you?

Does your home live up to the Home Performance challenge?


  • “I had no idea how comfortable my home could actually be until I worked with a BPI GoldStar Contractor. The difference is just astounding!”

  • “Every room in my home used to be a different temperature, and drafts were sometimes unbearable. Since my home energy retrofit, all these problems have disappeared.”

  • “Knowing that BPI sets high standards for their BPI GoldStar Contractors, I can’t see myself working with any other type of building professional ever again.”

  • “Our energy bills used to be through the roof. We hired a BPI GoldStar Contractor, and everything changed.”

  • "I have a personal distaste for overpaying for energy consumption, and my home energy upgrade solved everything."

  • "I trust my BPI GoldStar Contractor with my family's health and safety, and that's saying a lot."

ConsumerReports says: Watch out for: Fly-by-night companies— “blow and go” is the industry term— who charge a hefty fee for an audit, promise major upgrades, then disappear. Choose a contractor certified by the Building Performance Institute. They’re required to do an audit before and after any work to guarantee results. ConsumerReports - October 2013.