January 17, 2024
Kelly Carey
You will need to spend up front to access the great deals of the IRA. Here's how to find the cash to get started!
Black couple shakes hands with banker to finalize an energy efficiency loan
August 1, 2023
Kelly Carey
You will need to spend up front to access the great deals of the IRA. Here's how to find the cash to get started!
Latino grandparents and grandchildren sit on a couch hugging, enjoying a comfortable home.
April 10, 2023
Kelly Carey
Keeping the home cool during extreme heat is more important than you might think.
black couple adjusts smart home controls in energy efficient home
March 30, 2023
Kelly Carey
There are more financial incentives for home comfort upgrades than ever. Understand what's available to you!
A woman discusses a scope of work for work on her home with a contractor
February 16, 2023
Kelly Carey
Heat pumps are great! But you can save even more by doing these 3 things before you install.
A woman discusses a scope of work for work on her home with a contractor
January 11, 2023
Kelly Carey
New HOMES program rebates can reduce retrofit costs for homeowners of all backgrounds.
A family prepares to file the 25C Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit
November 23, 2022
Kelly Carey
New changes to the 25C tax credit can help improve your home.
October 20, 2022
Kelly Carey
Let's make your home more healthy and comfortable.
Woman with papers and calculator preparing to file taxes
September 30, 2022
Kelly Carey
What's the difference between a tax credit and a rebate?
an air quality monitor in a sunny home
August 24, 2022
Ann Jones
New research shows that gas stoves release more pollutants into the home than we understood.
A comfortable tan sofa that could harbor VOCs, a chemical pollutant that causes IAQ problems
July 12, 2022
Ann Jones
Writer Ann Jones tells the story of how she discovered certain chemical pollutants were causing health problems at home.
Efficient clothes dryer
May 23, 2022
Kelly Carey
Hybrid electric appliances can dramatically change your monthly utility bills.
a hand places coins in four stacks
May 23, 2022
Savvy investment in energy upgrades can help you control rising costs.
woman dusting countertops to reduce particulates in her home
April 1, 2022
Ann Jones
If your home gets dusty quickly no matter how you clean, it could indicate a problem.
man with tool belt is ready for home maintenance chores
March 11, 2022
Rose Morrison, Guest Poster
Don't miss these five important maintenance chores to keep your home running smoothly!
Male homeowner with computer plans how to reduce his home energy bills
February 11, 2022
Kelly Carey
Find out with the Home Quiz. You can lower monthly costs and enjoy a more comfortable home, too!
A worker installs weather stripping on a window
January 27, 2022
Curt Sommer
How to end cold drafts and make your home more comfortable.
home using smart technology to reduce energy costs
January 11, 2022
Kelly Carey
Smart home technology can reduce costs and make your home more comfortable. BPI supports the best new products emerging this year.
a cozy home in winter
December 8, 2021
Kelly Carey
Winters are different now, and so is the way we prepare for them.
A technician installs insulation and vapor barriers to make a home more energy efficient
November 9, 2021
Kelly Carey
Did you know that a highly effective program helps people living with low income make their homes more efficient?


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