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Case Studies

BPI Certified Professionals and BPI GoldStar Contractors are trained to investigate the source of problems in your home. There are some common issues among most of the existing housing stock, but different geographical regions may be plagued by particular issues such as mold, wet basements, or excess dust. Read these stories of homeowners who were experiencing problems, called a BPI Certified Professional, and enjoyed the results of home energy upgrades.


Greg Stevens was experiencing many issues with his 1700 sq. ft. home in Los Angeles, CA. The Spanish-style building was built in 1932 and was extremely drafty. He was unhappy with the extreme swings in temperature and keeping the home cool or warm was [...]


Kristen Lake contacted Talbott at American Western of Arizona with complaints about her early 1900s Victorian home in Tucson, AZ. The energy bills during the summer and winter seemed extremely high, the house was constantly dusty and air quality was [...]


Homeowners Greg Bullard and Brian Copeland struggled with the efficiency and comfort in their 1960s 1600 sq. ft. ranch in Nashville, TN. The air quality was poor and excessive moisture was potentially causing health problems. And, of course, the cause [...]


Margo and Eric Shuff complained about their home being colder than usual in the winter. And it was. In particular, the floors were freezing in the kitchen and it made the home very uncomfortable. They tried to adjust the heat to accommodate the low temperatures [...]


Joan and Brandon Booth own and operate Bodewell Bed Breakfast in Petersburg, KY. The home, built in 1865, had many of the most common issues that large older residential buildings have. The Booths reached out to a Home Performance Division Manager, [...]


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