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Why Choose a Contractor with Certifications

Do you have comfort problems like drafts or rooms that are hard to heat or cool? High energy bills? Mold, mildew or moisture damage?

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These symptoms are obvious, but sometimes the causes are not clear. Is it the furnace? Do I need more insulation? Should I seal the ducts? Buy a new air conditioner? Replace the windows?

Your house is a system and everything is connected. The relationship between all the systems in the house is the key to its overall performance.

What is a BPI Certified Professional?

Home performance contractors, such as BPI Certified Professionals, invest a lot of time and money in training and getting certified to be a source of knowledge and experience in making your house more comfortable, safe, and energy efficient for you and your family. They achieve this by pinpointing exactly what your home needs, by performing an energy audit.

Your BPI-certified energy auditor will assess your home’s building envelope, heating, air conditioning, insulation, mechanical ventilation, lighting, appliances, and other systems, and then trace any problems to their root causes. You will receive a final report with prioritized solutions specific to your home that will give you the best return on your investment.

Learn what exactly you can expect from a BPI Certified Professional by clicking here.


What is a BPI GoldStar Contractor?

BPI GoldStar Contractor companies have taken the time and energy to improve their business practices. These companies work with BPI to receive business-to-business mentoring, free training and resources, and partially subsidized training by industry experts to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable.

Companies participating in the BPI GoldStar Contractor program employ at least one BPI Certified Professional. BPI Certified Professionals are residential contractors who have proven their knowledge, skills, and abilities by successfully taking and passing BPI exams to get certified.

BPI GoldStar Contractors know how to improve a home’s energy efficiency while providing important safety testing, such as carbon monoxide and combustion appliance safety checks. They also have the know-how to help prepare your home for solar, geothermal, or other types of energy upgrades.


What can home performance do for you?

Does your home live up to the home performance challenge?